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"I Can't Help Falling in Love with You"
Dedicated to classmates who fell in love in high school!
Marilyn Bacon: Profession--Health Services Administrator--Quality Improvement; now retired. Children--two & two stepchildren. Grandchildren--five; one great granddaughter & four step-grandchildren.  
Alfred Barker: Education--B. S., Industrial Mgt., Northeastern University. Profession--Materials Manager, 35 years at Polaroid Corp., retired. Children--three, Michael, Kathleen, and James. Grandchildren--five, Tanya, Michael, Megan, Sean, and Jack.
I spent 10 years working as a Land Surveyor along with serving a tour in the U.S.M.C. prior to joining Polaroid. Since retiring I have been active in golf, hiking and mountain biking. And I volunteer summers as a landscape tour guide at the Crane Estate in Ipswich, MA for the Trustees of Reservations. My wife Ginny and I have been married for 45 years.
Donald Beckwith: Profession: 9-1-1 Dispacher, Retired. Children--five boys. Grandchildren--eight boys, four girls.   No picture available
Peter Berrini: Education: Tufts University. Profession: Cabinetmaker. Children--three daughters, Deahn, Lori, Mia; two sons, Lucas and Tristan.  
Judith Bertwell: Profession: Housewife. Children--two. Grandchildren--four.  
Herbert Bohling: Education--BA, Russian, BS, Electrical Engineering. Profession--Electrical engineer. Children--6 + 3. Grandchildren--26. Great Grandchildren--2.  
Judith Bowen: Education--Nursing school. Profession--Nurse. I retired from nursing in 2002 and don't miss the time clock.  
Robert Breagy: Education--One year of college, three years of nursing school. Profession--Registered Nurse.  
Carole Carbone: Tom and I met at Bates and will soon celebrate our 45th. Our four children, Michael, Peter, Paul,& Lisa have kept us busy. Sadly, we lost our first grandchild, Anthony, of SIDS. It is still difficult, but we are blessed with eight more--four boys & four girls. This year we built a house in Vero Beach, FL and are now building another in Wendham, ME.  
Dorothy Chaput: Retired. Now seamstress/musician. Three children--Monica, Blaise, & Brian. Four grandchildren--Becky, Andrew, Jeremy, & Kelly. Current interests: 18th century history-reenactments, musical school programs, and clothing construction & sales. Also gardening, bird watching, & Siamese cats. 
Martha Darling: Asst. Business Mgr. for Stoneham Public Schools, Retired. Children--three. Grandchildren--seven.  
Norman Donald: Education--SHS; Profession--Retired after 39 years at MIT. Children--two; Grandchildren--three.  
Irene Doucette: Retired. Three children, plus five stepchildren. Grandchildren--20 all together, plus one great grandson.  
William Emery: Electrical engineer. Undergraduate degree from Northeastern and graduate degree from George Washington University. Married to Gerrye. Three children, Karin & Patrick Emery, Diane Stern; and two grandchildren, Austin & Olive Stern.  
Donna Eramo: Education--Burdett College and Salem State College. Profession--Real Estate Broker with Coldwell Banker. Married to Phil Sullivan. Children--three, Susan, Craig, and Neil. Grandchildren--two, Alannah, 13, and Jon, 5. We lived in Manchester-by-the-Sea for 28 years and moved from there due to Phil's illness. Grandchildren are my joy.  
Jane Flor: Profession--Retired Registered Nurse. Four Children; one grandchild and two stepgrandchildren. Married to Donald Simpson 46 years. 
Bette Flynn: Education: B.A. and M.A. in German from Tufts University; M.A. in English from Boston College; M.S. in Library & Information Science from Simmons College. Profession: taught German & English at North Shore Community College for 5 years; taught English at Winchester High School for 20 years; librarian at Northern Essex Community College (2002-2006); librarian at Shore Country Day School (2006-present). Children--three daughters, Deahn, Lori, and Mia. Grandchildren--Molly, 16, Alexander, 14, James, 13, Charlotte, 12, Laura, 8, Charles, 6, Lily, 4, Lindsey, 3, Piper, 1.
Updated 9/06.
David Gebow: Profession--Retired; Education--Still learning; Children--two.  
Mary Lou Gigante: Profession--Librarian; Education--Tufts University; Children--Peter and Christine; Grandchildren--Marygrace and Elizabeth.  
Judith Griffin: Profession--Retired Bookeeper; Education--Westbrook Jr. College; Children--Terri, Scott; Grandchildren--Calvin, Nicholas.  
Joan Hanson: Profession--Retired teacher; Education--B.S. in education; Children--two girls, Pamela, Jennifer; Grandchildren--two girls.  
Dorothy Heywood: Profession--Semi-retired; Children--four; Grandchildren--nine.  
Kay Hooper: Profession--Housewife; Children--seven; Grandchildren--fifteen.
Married to Dan Covell 48 years. Have lived in Florida since 1987 (summers in NH). We enjoy boating, fishing, and travel.
Florence Hurlburt: Profession--Homemaker; Children--Joe, Jr., Alan, Diane; Grandchildren--five.  
Nancy Jenkins: Profession--Retired; Education--High School; Children--three sons; Grandchildren--five.  
Ralph Larson: The majority of my working career was spent in the defense industry; RCA, Dynamics Research Corp. and Itek Optical Systems. We have lived in Bedford and Groton, MA and now Hebron, NH. We live here year round and are active in town activities. I volunteer as church sexton and trustee. I am also on the town planning board. We have 2 children, Erick and Bethanne, who have provided us with 4 grandchildren, ages 11, 7, 7, and 4. The grandchildren visit on a regular basis and spend weeks at a time here in the summer.  
Janet LeBlanc: I worked at the John Hancock LIfe Insurance Companh in Boston for four years after graduation, had my two daughters, then studied to become a certified nursing asistant. I worked at the N. E. Rehab. Center in Woburn for several years, then on the the Stoneham Visiting Nurses Association.  
Nancy MacCannell: Education: College. Profession--Retired baker. Children--three, Michael, Teddy, and Cheryl
Grandchildren--three, Jason, Joshua, & Nikole.
Sandra MacKay: Education--Graduated from Nursing school. Profession--Retired nurse. Children--four. Grandchildren--two. Recently sold our home in Stoneham and moved to Melrose.  
Dale MacMillan: Education--Two years college. Profession--Retired truck driver. Children--four, two girls, two boys. Grandchildren--two, one of each.   No picture available
Marilyn Mattsen: Profession--Retired secretary from Raytheon Co. Children--three daughters. Grandchildren--four boys & two girls. We are enjoying the quiet life here in western Maine with breaks for traveling and enjoying our grandkids  
Carol McCarthy: Education--Boston University, A.A., B.S. Profession--Retired teacher. Children--John, twins David and Heather. Grandchildren--Ashley, 14; twins Brianna and Brittany, 11; Austin, 14; Travis, 11.  
Loretta McCarthy: Education--Business. Profession--Tour Director. Children--five. Grandchildren--ten.  
Ralph Mitchell: Education--College. Profession--Business owner (Electronics). Children--two, Ralph Jr. and Caryn. Grandchildren--three, Emily, David, and Kathryn.  
Donald Nickerson: From SHS to (then) Bentley School of Accounting, Certificate in Accounting in '56 (along with Bob Van Tichelt). Went back to school nights when Bentley became four year college and received BSA in 1966; continued on nights at Babson to receive MBA in 1970. Worked for just two companies as an accountant/controller for 32 years, then changed careers in 1988 to join law firm in Concord N.H. as Administrator for 10 years. Did some temp and consulting work for a couple of years then retired. No full time military, 6 years in Mass. National Guard.

New Year's Eve, 1962 was invited to party at a Nickerson family (not related) in Winchester, where I met a tall good looking college student, Roxann Irwin, who became my wife 18 months later and the mother of our three children, Eric, Kurt and Krista over the next 7 years. The kids are all successful, the oldest having gone to Lehigh for a BS in M.E., later an MBA, now working at Johnson & Johnson in New Jersey; the other son now in management at Ford in Detroit after getting a Masters in M.E. at Purdue; and our daughter, now working on her Masters at U of New Mexico in Midwifery after graduating from Johns Hopkins with BS in Nursing which came after nearly 2 years in Peace Corps in Chad and getting B.S. in Microbiology at Middlebury. We have two grand daughters, Alexandra (7) and Abigail (5) in New Jersey.

In retirement, I do volunteer work for the Andover Senior Center, coordinating the computer program for seniors; active in church affairs serving as co-chair of search committee looking for a senior minister and as collector. Besides personal computers, I am interested in photography, and travel. Over the years seen just about all the national parks from the Grand Canyon up to Banpf and Lake Louise in Canada. In 1994 we went to Alaska, in 1998 to Africa and last year, Peru (Machu Pichu) and the Galapagos.
Jean Nuzzo: Profession--Retired. Children--one.  
Edward Paquette: Profession--LTC US Army, retired; director, GTE (now Verizon), retired. Education--B.S. Northeastern University, M.S. University of Colorado. Children--John, Edward, Jr. Lynne. Grandchildren--six.  
Carol Peacock: Profession--Patent Attorney. Education--B.S. Simmons College, J.D. George Washington University. Children--Maria, Elisabeth, Mario, Peter. Grandchildren--Claire, Isabel, Emily, Harry, Elena and two on the way.  
John Robinson: Maiden name--I kept Robinson. Profession--Liquor, Carpet stores. College--B.U. Children--two. Grandchildren--one.  
Peggy Simmons: Education: Graduated from University of Bridgeport.
Profession--Retired dental hygienist. Children--three. Grandchildren--five.
Donald Simpson: Education: BSEE, Northeastern University.
Profession--Retired engineer. Children--four. Grandchildren--one, plus two stepgrandchildren. Married to Jane Flor 46 years!
Joan Spooner: Profession--retired. Children--four. Grandchildren--nine.  
Richard F. Steele: Retired after 34 years with Raytheon. Tours in Andover and Bedford, Ma., El Paso, Texas, Frankfort, Germany and LaLinea, Spain. Coached men's basketball at all levels through college. Even did two years as freshman coach at good old SHS. Most of my practices were in our old gym. Happily married to Theresa for over 45 years and we have 3 sons. Richard, John and Brian. No grandchildren as of this report. We summer in the lakes region and winter in sunny Florida. Our house is always open for a classmate.  
Lloyd Thistle: Education--B.S., Economics. Profession--Quality Management. Now retired. Children--four. Grandchildren--six.  
Ed Thompson: Elizabeth and I have celebrated 43 years together. We have five children, Nancy, Linda, Douglas, Tracey and Kristen and seven grandchildren, Rachael, Emma, Alexandra, Nichole, Natalie, Isabel and, John Edward Thompson, who was christened Sunday August 3, 2003.
10 years in our first home in Peabody, 22 years in Andover; when the nest emptied, Elizabeth and I moved to our Beacon Hill Condo for the next 10 years, with weekend getaways to our Falmouth home.
Elizabeth returned to work as an Administrative Assistant for MGH research group in Charlestown. I made a career change after (20) years as Engineering Manager for Data General, Wang Labs, Sanders Associates and Hewlett Packard to teaching and consulting. (20) Years with positions with Franklin Institute, Northern Essex C.C., lead to a tenured Professorship at Middlesex C.C.
Elizabeth and I retired in 2001 to live full time in Falmouth with winters in Florida.
Elizabeth is a member of the Garden Club, New Comers Club, Book Club and starting to play golf. I am going through the design/build process for a two-car garage with apartment and plan to get back to boating and golfing.
Marilyn Travers: Profession--Private secretary. Children--two daughters. Grandchildren--two grandsons. Married 48 years to my husband George, now retired.  
Russell Tyler: Profession--Psychologist. Education--Ph.D., Psychology. I retired from the Minnesota Department of Human Services a year ago, but am only "semi-retired." I continue to do mental health examinations for several of Minnesota's District Courts, teach a course in research design for The College of St. Scholastica, and work about 10 hours a week providing individual and group therapy to adolescents. A partner and I are turning an orchid hobby into a small orchid business, which means we have made several trips to Costa Rica over the last decade, and have our first trip to Ecuador coming up in February 2004. At this time, I doubt that I will be able to make the Reunion. I'll be in the fifth week of an eight-week sequence of Research Design, and even the teacher isn't "allowed" to cut classes. Make it or not, I certainly will continue to be thinking fondly of you and many other from '54.  
Tom Walsh: Education--USAF Pilot Training; New York Institute of Finance. Profession--Semi-retired investor. Children--one of each kind. Grandchildren--two.  
David Woodbury: Martha and I have been married for 42 years now. We have three sons, one six month old grand daughter, and another grand child expected next February. In addition to my BA degree from Colby, I have an MS in International Affairs/Political Science from George Washington University. I retired from the Navy as a Captain in 1989 (30 years) and shortly thereafter accepted a position with Booz Allen & Hamilton as a senior associate. Martha and I spent the ensuing seven years in Jubail, Saudi Arabia. I'm now retired, play golf, and enjoy the prospects of spoiling our grand children.