1st Annual SHS Class of '54 Girls' Luncheon

On Friday, the 12th of August 05,
a group of us girls from old Stoneham High
got together for lunch and, as we've grown wise,
find that Gertrude Stein's words still do apply:

"We are always the same age inside."

In years we are old, in appearance changed,
but the joys from true pleasures always remain-
seeing old friends, sharing our stories,
dining together and laughing a lot

at Dottie's tale of a teenage break-up,
and Janet's of a home room prank,
and the thought of old cheerleaders attempting a cheer,
and capers the boys tried, in class an out

Though billed as a pool party, nobody dipped.
Though some drank Margaritas, nobody slipped.
Mary Lou's lunch was a light delight,
and Peggy A's help at the sink was just right.

Janet and Liz were the first to arrive,
then those two pals, Martha D. and Jeanette.
And Mary Lou C.looking happy and fit.
Carol and Sandra brought Martha H. (yay!)
Joyce came with flowers, Joan H. with tomatoes,
Donna with brownies, Joan R. a bit late
'cause directions she got from Mary Lou G.
were as bad and confusing as they could be
(And it was Joan's birthday, her 69th!)

We decided to make this an annual lunch,
so mark your calendar for Summer '06
and remember the truth in that writer's words:

"We are always the same age inside."