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8th Annual SHS Class of '54 Girls' Luncheon
September 26, 2013

Mike, Don, Joan, Al, Fred, Donna, Janet, Dottie (hiding), Florence, Joan, Margaret, Judy, Dick, Bea, Ralph
Mary Lou, Steve, Bette
Luncheon at Mary Lou's

Weather? Perfect
Lunch? Outstanding
Classmates? Awesome

Question? 60th Reunion

Response? Enthusiastic
Where? Bear Hill Golf Club
When? Middle of September, 2014
Time? 4 or 5 p.m.
Details? We'll keep you posted.

Mary Lou

Ed & Steve

Donna, Margaret & Joan

Judy and Husband

Fred & Wife

Steve & Dottie

Florence & Alfred

Mary Lou, Jack, Fred & Mary Ann

Mary Lou

Rosalie & Mike

Mike & Don

Bea, Janet & Margaret

Donna, Margaret & Joan

Bea & Margaret

Mary Lou, Al & Bette

Bette & Mary Lou

Bea & Bette


Don & Rosalie


Judy, Joan, Ralph & Karyl
Lunch! Delicious!

Still Talking

We Love Steve's Roses!

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