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2nd Annual SHS Class of '54 Girls' Luncheon

SHS Class of '54 Girls' Luncheon '06

The second girls' luncheon, Summer '06,
Brought 16 girls and 3 boys to the mix.
The food was great, thanks to Mary Lou G.
And others who brought delicious things.
The weather was sunny, the temp just right,
The company excellent, the mood was bright.

A birthday cake for Dick and Joan,
Who had just turned 70, with a little moan
From the rest of us, who share the fear
Of what happens now from year to year.
We girls told our stories, catching up once again.
The boys? Just themselves, as they were then.

And this year, again, one thought does abide,
"We are always the same age inside."



The girls got tea cups & saucers & the boys got coffee mugs!

Birthdays '06

Happy Birthday

to Joan and Dick
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Great Girls (though not a Great Photo)

Great Friends & Classmates
Mary Lou, from the Cape
Nancy, from Cinncinati
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