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9th Annual SHS Class of '54 Girls' Luncheon

July 27, 2016

The "core group" (critical mass)!

Front: Joan Raffety, Joyce Thornton, Donna Eramo, Janet LeBlanc, Bea Viera, Margaret Angelosanto, Bette Flynn, Carole Carbone
Back: Steve Haseltine, Al Barker, Dottie Heywood, Joan Hanson, Ralph Larson, Mike Malonson, Mary Lou Gigante
This gathering is an event that always makes me happy. I love seeing everyone who comes. --Bea
Such a wonderful time spent with our old clasmates. Let's hope we can do it for anothe few years.The food was so good, too. Bill knows the gang now and really enjoys seeing everyone. God bless you. --Janet
Before another moment passes, thanks for orchestrating a wonderful day with everyone who could be with us.
Today we had the "core group" (critical mass) show with the energy of the class of 1954. --Steve
Another triumph! I just can't believe we are still throwing ourselves into our cars and heading for wherever you and Marylou tell us to go. There was still no one showing up using a walker, or with an oxygen pack in tow, although we know that is coming for some. Two things made it especially fun. No one went on and on about health issues and there was no political jousting. It was surprising because most of us are retired, and certainly aware of the political climate, but it was as if there were more interesting things to talk to each other about. Thinking about those who gathered at your lovely home, all of us 80-ish, we are a particularly savvy and alert bunch. Everyone stopped showing their age about five years ago, and since then everyone looks the same. It is encouraging! Thank you both again for doing this year after year. I would also like to thank Steve Haseltine for his liquid contribution. Steve, that was very generous! --Dottie
What a wonderful day spent with old and dear friends--and how gracious and kind of you to host us each year. The luncheon was delicious--and the company even better. I look forward every summer to seeing all of our friends from Stoneham High and catching up on their news. Thank you for the luncheon--and for keeping us in touch with one another. --Joan
Once again, I had a great time at our recent reunion. The setting was perfect, the food outstanding and the company sublime. I love hearing stories I've never heard before and I'm impressed with the recall our fellow classmates display. At 79 I think I've heard everything and then someone (Al Barker recounting his early morning, before school, shooting in the woods with Russell Tyler I think) comes along and tells a story about something I've never heard before. It's worth the trip to Ipswich. Thank you, thank you for making another wonderful memory. --Joyce
Thank you so much for a wonderful, fun afternoon. Al and I had a great time. It was wonderful to see all our friends and catch up. The time went by so fast as we were so engaged with conversation. --Donna & Al

from classmates who couldn't be here . . .
Wishing you a nice day and good turnout for your luncheon. Still not a traveling man, but enjoy following the activities and participants of the" faithful". Please give my best to all. --Tom Walsh

Wish I could be there. I think what you and Mary Lou do in having these annual luncheons is just great and, I’m sure, much appreciated by our classmates. I hope you all have a great time. Wish I lived closer to my old friends. My best, Congrats for again have the Class get together this summer! --Ed Paquette

The good news is that I am not teaching this Summer! ( I do have (3) sections this Fall) The bad news is that I have surgery scheduled July 19, 2016!! The Attachment will give the details, and I am very pleased! --Ed & Elizabeth Thompson

I don't think I will make the luncheon this year. Hope you all have a great time. I appreciate you still using the cups and saucers from several years ago as a picture for the invitation. Best wishes. --Liz (Pulsifer) Wyatt

I would really like to attend at least one of these lunches one day! But we are again in Dogliani, Italy until October 19.
I'll think of all of you on July 27. It would have been fun to be there to talk about being in our 80th year - can you believe it? Does anybody have greatgrandchildren? And, of course, to reminisce about the school years, even back to elementary school, which for me was East School.
Seeing Steve's response made me remember Franklin St., Mundy's store where we would get 5 cent ice cream cones and Liz Pulsifer who lived close to the store. And, of course, Joanie Hanson, who was my best friend way back in elementary school. I hope they, and everyone of your e-mail list make it back to the reunion. I'll be looking forward to the post-luncheon photos. Warm wishes to all. --Carol Peacock

Best wishes. I just opened this note. Sorry I don't cover my computer as I once did. Thanks for once again having this event, I plan to attend. Regards - Don Simpson

We were sorry that we could not make the luncheon this year. The pictures are great and everyone looks young and healthy. We had just returned from a trip from Germany to Hungary and some of the great grandchildren were coming for a visit. We had three of them here and two more are do this week, then the summer will be over and we can get back on schedule. Look forward to next years get together.
--Maryann and Fred

Hard to get there but good to see everybody. --Herb Bohling
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