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In Memoriam

"Tears in Heaven," Eric Clapton

Doris Barney | Judith Bertwell | Robert Campbell | Dorothy Chaput | Martha Darling | Nancy Devlin
Rose Desmond | Albert Duff | Robert Estee | Jane Flor | John Gillis | John Paul Griffin
Marilyn Mattsen | Murray McCharles | Marilyn Meuse | Janet Marks | Janet Murphy | Jean Nuzzo | Roger Rouillard
James Ruma | Donald Simons | Richard Steele | Richard Taylor | Kenneth Vogler | Sandra Wardwell

Doris Barney
"The life of Riley is the life for me."
Judith Bertwell
"Good things come in small packages."

See notice in The Stoneham Sun
Robert Campbell
"Quiet and shy, but quite the guy!"

See notice in The Stoneham Independent
Dorothy Chaput
"Silence is golden."

See notice in The Chelmsford Independent
Martha Darling
"A little nonsense now and then."

See notice in The Stoneham Independent
Nancy Devlin
"Sailing through the sea of life"
Rose Desmond
"Happy I am; from care I'm free."
Albert Duff
"Pleasure first and business after"

No Photo Available
Robert Estee
"Still waters run deep."
We are informed that Robert Estee died several years ago. He was married and living in CA. He did not have children. He worked in banking.
Jane Flor
"A girl of infectious humor and magnetic personality."

See notice from The Stoneham Independent
John Gillis
"Laughing eyes, a friendly smile comprise a friend worth while."
John Paul Griffin
"Ambition and hard work are the forerunners of success."
Marilyn Mattsen
"Her worth is warrant for her welcome."

See notice in The Stoneham Independent
Murray McCharles
"My car is my weakness."
Marilyn Meuse
"She is the gentle quiet kind."

See Marilyn's obituary.
Janet Marks
See Janet's obituary.
Janet Murphy
"Friendly and thoughtful of others."
Jean Nuzzo
"To be poised is to be rich with friendships."

See notice in The Lowell Sun
Roger Rouillard
"I will find a way or make one."
James Ruma
"A captivating smile and wavy hair will get him anywhere."
Donald Simons
"The more a man knows, the more worthy he is."
Richard Steele
"Wherever he sits, there is the head of the table."

See Dick's obituary.
Richard Taylor
"Lanky, laughable, and lovable."
Kenneth Vogler
"Laugh and the world laughs with you."
Sandra Wardwell
"She is liked everywhere all of the time."

Photos and quotations are from the SHS Class of 1954 yearbook.