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"It's a Wonderful World" when classmates can get together after 50 years.
10/7/04: Tee time for golfers is 1:00 on Saturday afternoon at Unicorn, which is located just where it always was--on William Street. Mary Lou Bracciotti is the name that was given to the pro shop (though she will not be playing golf).
Reunion Committee
10/6/04: Thanks, Jack Robinson, for your generous contribution. We'll really miss you this weekend, but after this 50th reunion we plan to get together more regularly and less formally, so we still look forward to seeing you again.
Reunion Committee
10/3/04: Our DJ has promised--all the oldies from the 50s!
Reunion Committee
10/3/04: Last night, Bill and I went to his Medford High 50th class reunion. It was very successful, everyone had a grand time, including m my self, despite the fact that I didnít know a soul. The band was great also, but lots of us were disappointed that they played only few of the songs from the fifties. When they did play them, it seemed like everyone was on the dance floor. So I am hoping that we have songs from the mid fifties, at our reunion. Ordinarily, we are in FL by now, but this year, our reunions came first. As you know, we have some repairs to tend to, from Hurricane Charley. Very minor, thankfully. We live in central Florida, in the citrus growing region. Anyhow, Frances wasnít a problem, Ivan went up the Gulf coast, but the latest hurricane Jeanne was a direct hit, at 97mph. The eye went over our place last Sunday, causing lots of destruction in the neighborhood., plus it turned the golf coarse into a pond. This time the folks across the street got the damage, and our side made out fine. With Charley, it was just the opposite. I canít believe that we are finally going to be together next week. I am looking forward to it. Canít wait to see you all..
Janet LeBlanc DeFeo
10/2/04: If it hadn't been for Merrilyn Bacon Greene, I would not have seen this website, which has been a delight. Hello to Frances Moribito and to Merrilyn. We'll be in touch. Not sure if we can attend, but working on it (just the buffet).
Jean Smith
10/2/04: I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone!
Peggy Duffy
9/29/04: Hope we are not too late with this reservation.
Jack Dirkman
9/30/04: It's still not too late to make reservations. We love latecomers. I'm one of them. I waited in line today, as always, on the last day of the month, to get my car sticker, which runs out tonight
9/29/04: It will be so good to see you all again.
David Sheets
9/29/04: Talking of the reunion reminds me of bobby sox, silk scarves, and poodle skirts. Johnny Ray and "Cry." The GAA (Girls Athletic League) trip to Provincetown on the Boston Belle. I remember stapling "Gliders" with Jean Smith in her barn for her father to sell.
Frances Morabito
9/25/04: Check out the "Memory Pics." Sandra MacKay has sent in a photo from one of our Club meetings. I don't rememer the name we gave to this club (Mary Lou thinks it was the "Glamour Club"). I just remember at one of those meetings (I think it was at Carol Peacock's), I bleached my hair for the first time (using something in a brown bottle called hydrogen peroxide). In Sandra's photo, the girls are drinking Cokes, and, as Sandra said in her note, "Can you imagine a junior or senior class today having so much fun with Cola Cola?"
9/24/04: My initiation with this club was to ask Mr. T. Higgins, during class, why he wore his wedding ring on his small finger. I was so nervous. He was such a nice man. He said he was trying to run away and that's the finger his wife caught! I think we were lucky to have been in school back in the 50s.
Sandra MacKay
9/25/04: sorry to be late but i can,t make it as i will be recovering from getting a new knee . ah yes the joys of getting old ... i hope everybody has a great time .this reunion web site has brought back a lot of memorys i will be thinking of all of you . mac
9/09/04: After this guy dropped in on his friends, Don has a warning for everyone: "It must be fall!! Watch out for the hunters."
Don Simpson
9/19/04: David Sheets, where are you? There has not been one word from you and you better come in Oct. or else. Just had a couple of e-mails from Bunnie, this is so much fun...
Carole Carbone Vail
9/09/04: Hi to the reunion gang! The check is in the mail (to Ed). Thanks again - Don and Jane
Don and Jane Simpson
9/08/04: Found the website and sent in $ for all events for Lonnie + me. Looking forward to seeing the gang. Keep Smilin' Steve
Steve Haseltine
9/07/04: Hi Snowbirds or Florida residents. We just heard that our house in Vero Beach has very little damage and feel very lucky. Hope that all of you have had the same news. Tes Tom nd I are coming althought my reply is in the mailbox today so of course I will not make the Sept. deadline. What. new. Come on Bunnie I want to hear from you and know you still remember me.
Carole Carbone
9/6/04: Does anyone else have the fond memories of the Booster Club Dances that I do. Lots of fun, even though sometimes the girls were on one side of the room and the boys the other (until we got warmed up). Also, who remembers Mr. Lamson's driving course at the highschool? Would love to hear from you.
Merrilyn Bacon
9/5/04: Now that summer vacations are over, it is time to get ready for your 50th reunion. Send those replies so that we can complete the final plans. We're so anxious to see each of you. Come alone, with a spouse, with a will not matter. We're ready to celebrate this milestone together. --Mary Lou
Mary Lou
8/18/04: I think the class will enjoy this. Jane and I will see you at Bear Hill!!
Don Simpson
8/18/04: I have just caught up on all I have missed in the last 8 months without my computer. Brought back so many memories. I remember Mr. Jordan well as I loved Math and he told me about Bates College where I met Tom. I do remember many of the times that were mentioned and was interested to hear of the current use of North School and our SHS. So many mention spending winters in Florida but don't say where. We seem to have more time there than up north where our family seems to keep us busy. Hello to so many of you. I'm out to send emails so here is mine. Love to hear from you.
Carole Carbone
8/18/04: Just had to tell you that, after connecting with Liz Pulsifer a few weeks ago, through e-mail, we finally met for lunch at a local restaurant, here in Nashua NH. It was so much fun seeing her again, after 50+ years! Gosh, did we talk! She even brought along her old autograph book! Do they even do that now a days? Well, would you believe we were in that place for 3 hours and 40 minutes? No one kicked us out.
Monday morning, when I got up, I found a nice letter from Merrilyn (Bacon) Green waiting for me. So nice hearing from her. Yes, she plans to attend the reunion, coming up from North Carolina, no less.
We are enjoying our summer season in Nashua now. However, as some of you know, Bill and I, spend fall and winter in Avon Park, Florida. (next to Sebring) After 3 days of trying to get through to our neighbors down there, we finally received a call from the folks next door. Our neighborhood was hit with 105 mph winds from Charley, last Saturday. Thankfully, our 3 year old home is still standing , with only minimal damage, to the main beam of the front porch. We are so grateful for that. The 3 others houses beside ours, had their car ports completely torn off. No electricity expected till Friday.
Joan Spooner, where in Nasua, do you live?
Janet LeBlanc
8/16/04: Really fun to read the comments from everyone on the website. Great idea. I had long forgotten many of the things. Great job. Hope to se everyone at the reunion. Love to hear from you.
Merrilyn (Bunnie) Bacon (Yikes, haven't used that nickname in 50 years.)
7/20/04: Don, we were also disappointed to find no Stoneham Theater performance scheduled for our reunion weekend. Well, maybe we could combine a theater tour with a walk around Stoneham. How about a non-golfers walk while the golfers golf? We could stop at Hank's Bakery for coffee and a memorable childhood treat. The new owners use the same recipes. They still have that round, flat, soft cookie with half chocolate and half white frosting.
Mary Lou and Bette (passionate walkers and the only non-golfers on the reunion committee)
7/20/04: My wife and I came to Stoneham to celebrate 40th with my Brother Paul (SHS Class of 52), and his wife who celebrated their 50th in May. We went to the Stoneham Theater to see the one man (more or less) play - GROUCHO. It was great. It starred Gabe Kaplan (Welcome Back Cotter). It was a great show. I was pleased to see how good a job they had done converting the old movie theater to a legitimate stage theater. I checked their web site hoping they had something going on on our Reunion Weekend, but they have nothing scheduled. It might be interesting however, if a tour of the theater, and maybe a lecture about how it got started would be of interest to some people. Could you contact them, and perhaps make such arrangements if it will fit in the schedule for the reunion week end.
We spent a few minutes walking around the "downtown" area (I have driven through a number of times, but this was my first "walk around" in maybe 30 -35 years). All the old names are gone, except for Hank's Bakery which is still there, although no longer owned by the same family I understand. Now the center has many Italian restaurants, nail parlors and other businesses, none of which were there in our high school days.
Don Nickerson
7/14/04: Cousin Florence Hurlburt came up to my place in Nashua yesterday. She has been telling me she had a great photo of Murray McCharles, that she had taken in 1953. I am sure you will agree that it is a great photo of him, and certainly the way we all remember him. He is sitting in his "favorite" hot rod, hand resting on his head, and smiling at the camera. See Memory Pics!.
Janet LeBlanc DeFeo
7/13/04: Kudos to the Reunion Committe for their work in putting this website together and their work on the reunion itself. I came across the website quite by accident and have enjoyed reading all the comments and bios, and saddened to read of those who have died, especially looking at all those young faces and forgetting for the moment 50 years have passed. Do not think I will make the reunion but know you will all enjoy yourselves. Would love to hear from you, especially those who took the business classes and had Mr. Clark Richardson for any classes. He truly was one of a kind!
Liz Pulsifer Wyatt
7/12/04: Does anyone remember "DRESS DOWN DAY"???????? I remember meeting by the little building to the right of the school early in the AM one day. I believe Al Duff was the leader that day but I could be wrong. Anyway, Janet Murphy and I dared each other to get involved. She and I turned our skirts inside out and exchanged one sock each and possibly a shoe. Anyway, we were asked to report to one of the study hall rooms where Mr. Nadeau went one by one telling us what we had to do in order to attend class. I was shaking in my shoes and was sure I would have at least a police record from that day.
After working at Alvirne High School for 27 years, what we did that day is soooooo mild.
Irene Doucette

Steve and Lonnie Haseltine
7/06/04: It was so good to go over the website. It's obvious that everyone is going strong to make it all happen. I particularly enjoyed the updates on what is happening in everyones' lives. It reminds me of the very fact that we're all young folks in old peoples clothes.
Because I was "class clown" does that mean that I give new meaning to fool + chump ?
Lonnie and I are enjoying retirement after Army life, and a career in sales. It's fun to have more time to enjoy an active life, skiing, tennis, biking and getting away occasionally. We love New England.
Looking forward to seeing such wonderful friends as our 1954 SHS school comrades. Bear Hill Golf Club is perfect. Caddied there for many summers. Also, Lonnie + I had our wedding reception there as well. Keep Smilin'
Steve + Lonnie
Steve Haseltine

Happy 4th of July

6/24/04: Hi Everyone,
If our reunion planning session was any example of what our reunion weekend will be, you won't want to miss it! After not seeing some of these people for years, it took only moments to rekindle the bond that we shared as classmates. Life's experiences has changed us and we know enough to value the present moment as we reminisce of the lives we once knew as kids. I hope that you are planning to be here in Stoneham for the weekend of October 8th, 9th, and 10th. I look forward to seeing you.
Mary Lou
6/24/04: For a comic take on the 50th High School Reunion, if you haven't already seen this, and we know we have but we've forgotten where (Was it here? Who sent it? Was it Dale?), click here. Reunion 50th: The Comic View
Reunion Committee
Sent by

Dick, Ed, Mary Lou, Bill, Bette
Twelve Reasons to Come to our 50th Reunion
On Saturday night, our 50th reunion committee and their spouses came to my house for dinner and a meeting. It was our first meeting. Weíve done all our planning so far by email. I hadnít seen Ed or Dick or Bill for 40 years and, always, as I was emailing them, I imagined I was writing to those 17-year-old boys I remembered from high school. Though I was looking forward to seeing them, I was a little apprehensive, the way a lot of people feel going to a high school reunion.

Well, I had tears in my eyes when I first saw each of them. And Iím not emotional or sentimental. We had a swift and successful business meeting and are excited about our three-day reunion plans. We all agreed on the details, which youíll get very soon. And, finally, the evening with my old classmates was absolutely wonderful.

In thinking about Saturday, and how much I enjoyed it, I came to the following conclusions about our 50th reunion, which I hope will help convince you to attend:

  1. Our classmates arenít old.
  2. Whether we were close friends in high school or not, we have a close bond now.
  3. No one should miss a chance to feel the pleasure I felt Saturday night being with my classmates after all those years.
  4. The memories are great, and theyíre only ours.
  5. The stories are funny but funniest to us.
  6. We donít talk about our great jobs, our outstanding college experiences, our remarkable kids, our financial successes, or the prizes weíve won. And we donít talk about our fears or our aches or our regrets.
  7. Now we know what matters. Itís life and health and love.
  8. We are much more interesting at sixty-seven than we were at seventeen.
  9. We have re-learned how to live, not in the past, not in the future, but in the present.
  10. What we have in common makes our differences seem small.
  11. We can love an old classmate whose politics we hate.
  12. And what we know that overrides all differences is--as Shakespeare put it-- ď to love that well which thou must lose ere long.Ē Ė Sonnet # 73
6/10/04: Just spent the last few minutes reading the Bio Bytes and know there are more classmates that can write. We have some interesting tales that have not yet been told. I don't know of another class that has provided so much insight for the enjoyment of the class. Let's see if we can get 75 Bios.
Dick Steele
5/18/04: Don, thanks. You win the title of SHS Class of 1954 Political Activist, drawing our attention to issues that matter. But, I think you'd agree, if Nancy Devlin were with us, you'd have a rival for that title.
5/25/04: The Breast Cancer site is having trouble getting enough people to click on it daily to meet their quota of donating at least one free mammogram a day to an underprivileged woman .It takes less than a minute to go to their site and click on "donating a mammogram" for free (pink window in the middle). This doesn't cost you anything. Their corporate sponsors/advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate mammogram in exchange for advertising.Here's the web site! Pass it along to people you know.
Don Simpson
5/18/04: What were we angry about in 1954?
5/18/04: DON'T BUY GASOLINE TODAY! It has been calculated that if everyone in the United States did not purchase a drop of gasoline for one day and all at the same time, the oil companies would choke on their stockpiles. At the same time it would hit the entire industry with a net loss of over 4.6 billion dollars, which affects the bottom lines of the oil companies. Therefore, May 19th has been formally declared "Stick it up their behind" day and the people of this nation should not buy a single drop of gasoline that day. The only way this can be done is if you forward this to as many people as you can and as quickly as you can to get the word out. Waiting on this administration to step in and control the prices is not going to happen. What happened to the reduction and control in prices that the Arab nations promised two weeks ago? Remember one thing, not only is the price of gasoline going up, but at the same time airlines are forced to raise their prices, trucking companies are forced to raise their prices, which affects prices on everthing that is shipped. Things like food, clothing, building materials, medical supplies, etc.. Who pays in the end? We do! We can make a difference. If they don't get the message after oneday, we will do it again and again. So do your part and spread the word. Make May 19th a day that the citizens of the United States say, "Enough is enough."
Don Simpson
4/23/04: Another one of my vivid recollections from home room period in the 11th grade. ---- One day, Murry McCharles asked Mr. Jordan if he could get a drink of water. He had stared to pull this one often. Well Mr. Jordan responded with a flat out "NO". I remember thinking to myself, that he finally realized what Murry was up to. Well, if you recall, Murry was into hot rod cars. What Murry would do out there in the hall, was gulp his lunch down, so that he was free to take off in his hot rod, along with a few other guys, during the lunch hour period. Shortly after Mr. Jordan refused his request, I kept hearing a paper shuffling noise coming from the desk of Eddy Paquette. I was wondering what the heck he was up to. Finally, the noise stopped, at which time Eddy asked Mr. Jordon the same thing, if he could go out and get a drink of water. I was surprised when he responded with a "yes." Well, back in from the fountain comes Eddy with his home made conical shaped cup of water for his buddy Murry. I looked up at Mr. Jordan, and he was shaking his head, and could not help but smile at that one.
Janet LeBlanc DeFeo
4/22/04: i found this on the net and i thought youall would get a kick out of it .its been scanned by norton antivirus so its clean.
4/22/04: Life on a Submarine, watch it. I wonder if anyone told him, "The only good Marine is a Submarine!!"
Don Simpson
4/21/04: Thanks to you Jack Fleisher. I certainly remember the day of the hydrogen sulfide incident, I was in that big study hall, just off the hall from the chem lab, doing homework along with everyone else. All of a sudden there was this awful smell. Everyone started holding their nose and wondering who was responsible. It was awful. If I recall, we had to evacuate the room. Finally some one said it was a "stink bomb." Well I never knew what they meant by that. Now I know what it was. Mystery solved 50 years later!
Janet LeBlanc DeFeo
4/20/04: One day in my senior class room period, somehow, Al Barker confiscated a personal note that Florence Hurlburt had written to me that day. She had gone out shopping the previous night for some intimate apparel, and being cousins, she told me everything. Well, when the senior year book came out, Al Barker wrote on her book, "Ah Ha, 34 C !
Janet LeBlanc DeFeo
4/19/04: Boston Marathon Day. We walk in Stoneham Monday mornings and invite anyone who's around to join us.
Bette & Mary Lou
4/18/04: Though we had no sex education course, 9th grade girls had a how-to-atract-the-opposite-sex course. Remember "Charm and Personality"? It met Thursdays last period, and the goal was to turn ugly ducklings into swans. The final project--a fashion show--revealed the transformations.
4/19/04: Sex education was not formerly taught. However, we got it in bits and pieces and I certainly remember the condom incident! I was so glad to hear from Jack Fleicher. Recently I heard "On the Road to Mandalay" in the background of some program and immediately it brought back the memory of Jack singing that song at one of the concerts. I remember Mr. Miller's chemistry lab when Tom Walsh made gun powder. I have no recollection of what it was that we were making, but it surely wasn't gun powder. I think that was Mr. Miller's undoing.
4/18/04: And I remember the Joan's purse incident because that's when--in Mr. Miller's chemistry class--I learned what a comdom was.
4/18/04: I've been enjoying tremendously reading everyone's comments. Time to contribute. The stories of long-ago pranks spark memories of some great ones. When we were sophomores, one day before class, one of the guys grabbed Joan Hanson's purse and tossed it around the room like a football. When it got to Steve "Josh" Haseltine, he slipped something into the purse. At that point Miss Finn walked in and things quieted down. Joan got her purse back, took a look inside and her eyes opened wide. The next day the boys were summoned to interrogation one by one, confronted by Joan's large, irate father and probably Mr. Horton. Eventually, Josh was indicted for planting an--ahem-- rubber article in Joan's purse and, lucky to survive, served a suspension. Josh, you certainly earned your yearbook motto.
Then there was the time Josh made something similar to black gunpowder in chem lab. Unfortunately, it "popped" while he was mixing it and bits of flaming gunpowder floated through the air like fireflies. I remember the shock on Josh's face, especially after one flaming bit landed on his head. He lost a clump of hair when he brushed it off. Josh do you have a small bald spot?
Another time someone set up a hydrogen sulfide generator in the chem lab storage closet and pumped the rotten-egg smell through the keyhole into Mr. Jordan's math class in the adjacent room. I wasn't there, but I recall the buzz that Mr. Jordan had to evacuate the room.
I'm looking forward to seeing you all at the reunion. Thank you to everyone on the reunion committee for inspiring all this fun and anticipation.
John (please call me Jack) Fleisher
4/17/04: Alfred Barker, where have you been? I certainly remember those walks home from the high school with many of the North School 'gang.' Dairy Queen, Ralph's Diner (food cooked in seconds in his special oven that was probably hazardous), the Sunlight Alleys, Ted's Inn are long gone. However, I can vividly recall how much fun and how carefree those days were and I remember you clearly. It wasn't all that long ago that I saw Ralph Larson when he stopped by the library.
People are telling humorous stories from the past. Do you remember the explosion that blew out the television sets of many who lived on North Street and Governor Road? Didn't Herbert Bohling make a bomb that he set off in that neighborhood? Herbert, do you remember that evening? Imagine doing something like that today? Herbert, you'd be in some lock-up and we'd miss you at the reunion! Guess we got away with alot in the '50s.
Mary Lou
4/16/04: Is the golf 9 or 18 holes?
Alfred Barker
4/15/04: Received the postcard about the activities this October. I think it is great, as well as a nice idea, to open your homes for a get together during this event. Looking forward to seeing you all again after these many years.
Jack Dirkman
4/12/04: Well, here is another one of my vivid recollections. This also happened in home room period with Mr. Jordan, in the 11th grade----Murry McCharles grabbed the wallet belonging to Carolyn Seaver, off her desk. Now it was a warm winter day, and Mr. Jordan had just opened some of the front window, no more than about 3 inches. Well, Murry, facing the blackboard, flung that wallet behind him with out even looking. He had to have been at least 12 feet from those windows. Well, you guessed it. It sailed right out one of those opened windows, dropping the 3 stories to the ground. Of course Mr. Jordan, and a few of us kids witnessed the whole thing. He ordered Murry to get out there, and come back with that wallet, or else!
Janet LeBlanc DeFeo
4/12/04: Looking forward to seeing everybody again.
Michael Malonson
4/12/04: Janet, I also remember a Mr. Jordan moment. It was in 10th grade geometry. He was handing back our tests, when he stopped and said, "One of us thinks angles are angels." And then he went on about some of us needing angels to get through geometry and others seeing angels in geometric structures. He was really enjoying himself, when what we wanted was to get back our tests with our grades on top and to find out which one of us had confused angles, which some of us hated, with angels, which some of us loved. Finally, he walked up to Peggy Simmons, dramatically placing her test on her desk, and we all knew it was Peggy who had called her angles--angels.
Bette Flynn Tsoutsouras
4/12/04: I just noticed that you were looking for some incidents that we can recall from our school days together. I sure can remember a few. Here is one of them. In the 11th grade, I was in the home room of Mr. Chester Jordan. Did I love that man! Well, one day, during the quietness of home room period, when everyone was trying to cram in their homework, we could hear Carolyn Seaver repeatedly saying, "Stop it Eddie, cut it out." Well, this went on for some time. Eddy Paquette was fiddling around with the lovely pearl necklace on her neck. Finally we heard the shower of pearls dropping on the floor, and rolling all over the room, at which point Mr. Jordan ordered him to get down on the floor and find every single pearl.
Janet LeBlancDeFeo
4/12/04: I'd like to thank the committee for all the effort they are putting into this special reunion. The weather is finally turning nice in Florida, so Dan and I are heading to the Keys for a month on our boat. We'll be back up in Lincoln, NH by the middle of June and hopefully the black flies will be gone by then. Looking forward to seeing old friends in October before heading back to Stuart.
Kay Hooper Covell
4/7/04: I guess the invitations are out. No, I don't know what we'll have for supper, but I do know that it will be casual. There isn't anything fancy that one can do in a small house on Broadway! However, I do know that Jack and I look forward to welcoming you. Please try to attend so that we can celebrate this milestone together. It would be great to see some current photos so that we might recognize one another. Jack and I just returned from defrosting in Florida and with so many of our classmates living/visiting there, we might have even bumped into one another without any recognition. A recent picture might help.Please send us information, photos, and comments.
Mary Lou

Mary Lou and Jack Bracciotti
4/3/04: Looking forward to it. After wandering the world in the USAF for 23 years, and then again as an engineer, I was never around and/or was never found for any previous reunions.
Herb Bohling
4/3/04: Jane and I are looking forward to our 50th reunion and meeting everyone. It's been far too long since we gathered together.
A very interesting website:
Don Simpson
3/31/04: Thought you might like these pictures for the website. I think I know them all???
(We were so cute. Can anybody name us all, row by row? See Memory Pics!. --Bette)
Ralph Larson
3/31/04: Ann (Nagle - class of '55) and I love Florida, but miss Stoneham and old friends. Love reading the "Comments" by clasmates. We look forward to seeing you all at the reunion. Our new email address is
Ed Paquette

Ed and Ann Paquette
3/30/04: Last December, while we were back in NH, Florence Hurlburt, Irene Doucette, and I had a reunion (after 49+ years) at one of the Ruby Tuesday Restaurants in Nashua, NH. My Bill printed out this photo of us 3 gals at the restaurant.
Janet LeBlanc DeFeo

Janet LeBlanc, Irene Doucette, Florence Hurlburt

Click photo for larger image.
2/16/04: We've added a senior play photo on the "Memory Pics" page. It's a yearbook picture, which doesn't scan too well. Does anyone have an original? Email it or mail it and we will return it.
Reunion Committee
2/16/04: Kudos to the creators of the website! Looking forward to October 9th.
Teacher (retired) of reading, science, and math (yes, Mr. Carrier, one of your less than stellar students taught algebra) for 34 years in the Raynham school system. Married to husband Jim (also a retired teacher) for 45 years. Mother and grandmother of twins.
Does anyone besides me remember the terrific job Loretta Marks did playing the maid Delilah in the Senior play? She was so good and so funny and I remember it so well!
Carol McCarthy Ritchie
2/6/04: Good question, Nancy. Who are these kids in the pictures? Can anybody help? Like, who are the kids at the beach party? And those boys dressed up in suits at a dinner?
Reunion Committee
2/6/04: After my husband passed, I hit 65, sold my house, out the work door and moved to God's country (Kennebunk, ME). It's beautiful here. Looking forward to seeing everyone and to getting to know everyone again. It will be wonderful to bring back our teenage past and our senior present. Most pictures--who are they?
Nancy Jenkins Buchanan
1/20/04: Send pictures--you alone, you and your significant other, you and your children, you and your grandchildren, or you and your best friend. Email them to or mail them to Reunion Committee, 49 Clark Rd., Ipswich, MA 01938, and we will post them on our website.
Reunion Committee
2/2/04: Joan, you asked about the church that was close to Stoneham Square. That is the First Congregational Church and it's still there. It is adjacent to the new town common. The Unitarian Church is no longer used as a church. It now houses Stoneham Creates. This is an arts center for music lessons, art lessons, craft classes, etc. All of the other churches remain as they were, except for St.Pat's. Construction is now taking place as the parish adds on to the old structure. There is a Jehovah's Witness Church on Franklin Street, close to Perkins Street. There is a Seventh Day Adventist Church on Maple Street. Temple Judea, which was on Franklin Street, is now closed.

We have a new police station and that is on Common Street and actually backs up to Stoneham Town Hall. The town hall has expanded to accommodate a growing population. The fire station is still the same. However, there is talk of a new building. We do not know where or when or how, considering the tax increases and budget problems.

Montvale Avenue will not be recognizable. It is dotted with office buildings, a strip mall, the Cooperative Bank (which has left the Square to relocate on Montvale), and other assorted businesses. The only thing that you will remember is Lindenwood Cemetary. Of course, that has expanded greatly! Almost at the Woburn line, there is the Stoneham Ice Rink. This was built in the days when Stoneham had a decent hockey program and Bobby Orr played for the Bruins. Now the rink is a drain on the taxes and rather dilapitated. There is a new Unicorn Office Park (on what was the back side of Unicorn Golf Course)and it is accessed from Montvale Ave. (There is a hotel there for those of you who want to stay for the reunion weekend. The committee will have more information forthcoming.)

Unicorn Golf Course is very popular. It's located on William Street. While it isn't a great course, it is one of our town assets, owned and operated by the town. Bear Hill remains a private course. It has expanded, offering pool and tennis memberships as well as golf. There is a three-year waiting list for golf memberhips!

So much for the second installment on the changes in our old hometown. Please come visit the place. I know that you must wonder why some of us chose to stay here. I guess that's something I can't explain, except to tell you that we're a "step" away from Boston, a twenty-minute ride from a major airport, Cape Ann and Cape Cod are within reach, the mountains (however small) and the lakes of NH and ME are a quick ride up Route 93 or 95, schools and colleges abound, and major corruption keeps us on our toes! Looking forward to seeing you all, MaryLou
1/31/04: Marylou gave a good description of all...what happened to the church that was across from the Post Office? Or am I way off base? I thought it was the Congregational Church. I guess I remember the traffic booth in the middle of Maine Street the most, is it still there? Give us more, it is very interesting.. Hi to everyone..Joan
--Joan Spooner
1/27/04: What has changed in Stoneham? Where shall I begin? We grew up in a vastly different community than the Stoneham that exists today. The population has tripled. Even the mix of residents has changed. The names are primarily Irish and Italian. Being a step away from the cities of Boston, Somerville, and Medford, Stoneham was the "giant move to the country." Second generation Italians and Irish have settled here and now it seems more like Somerville with trees than the old place we knew growing up.

The town is very close to major routes, making it a commuter's joy. However, we have poor access to public transportation. To get into Boston, you would have to drive or take a bus to the Oak Grove T Station in Melrose or take the MBTA train from Wakefield.

Main Street Stoneham is a disaster. The street is wider, so big trees have been sacrificed. Traffic is very heavy. Now, if you drive through Stoneham Square, you will notice a large common across from the post office. Some derelict buildings were taken down to accommodate this change. During the summer, weekly concerts are held on the common. Also, Town Day is held there. These activities are well received by young and old.

I work in the library, and twenty years ago it was greatly enlarged. The old building remained, with the new additon being visually and functionally pleasing.

The schools are all different. South School has been torn down and now there is a new building on the site. What was our high school is now empty. It had become Central Elementary, but then a new Central Elementary was built on the land that was behind the Mann Chemical Plant on Central Street. That building was torn down and there was much ado about the site being contaminated. Oh, such a surprise! Anyhow, the present Middle School was adjacent to it and that must have been a major hazard which was never addressed until after the fact. Now, a large office building is on what was the Mann plant.

North School houses a school for physically challenged children, serving Stoneham and neighboring communities. East School housed the Visiting Nurses for a while, but now I'm not certain who is there. The present high school is on Franklin Street, across the way from Weiss's Farm. The farm is one of the open spaces in town.

Perhaps that's enough for you to digest in one sitting! I shall add to the list as time passes. Meanwhile, I am so anxious to see each of you. Please make attendance at the reunion a priority. Enjoy the new year and stay well. Love, Mary Lou
1/24/04: I am enjoying checking in now and then for pictures and comments. If and when I can figure out my new scanner I will try to find some old pix to send. Hello to everyone.
--Tom Walsh
Reunion Committee
1/20/04: Everyone who still has strong connections with Stoneham, tell us what has changed and what is new.
Reunion Committee
1/20/04: What would you say to convince classmates to come to our reunion?
Reunion Committee
1/19/04: And anyone who loves, or sort or loves, email, tell us how you would convince classmates to correspond via email.
Reunion Committee
1/18/04: It's 2004, 50 years since our graduation from SHS. This is our year. We echo Joan's comment. Let us hear from you.
Reunion Committee
1/17/04: My memories of SHS are so sweet. You all live in my thoughts--can't wait to see all of you.
Joan Hanson Campbell
1/15/04: We love Dale's memory of Mrs. Hines' husband, the Greyhound bus driver. What memory stands out for you from your SHS experience?
Reunion Committee
1/14/04: Remember Mrs. Hines' husband, the greyhound bus driver? Well, I always wanted to be like him so I drove semi and got to see North America while getting paid, but then I always was a maverick. It's good all of you have done well. I've done what I wanted to do and have had a good life. How does it feel to be senior citizens? I love it. No, I didn't graduate with you all. I did graduate a few years later in California.--
Dale MacMillan
1/6/04: I had a computer problem (probably because I wore out the poor thing making calendars for all my kids) and had to resort to the dreaded system recovery disks. Although I had backups for most files, including the class database, I did lose my Outlook Express Address Book with everybody's current email address. Though I have the addresses of classmates who emailed me personally, I'm missing others. So, I would be really happy and grateful if you would email me now (if you haven't before) at
1/6/04: I had forgotten that we were the first Honor Society inductees for SHS (See Memory Pics).
--Russ Tyler
"'God bless us, everyone,' said Tiny Tim."
We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. See you next year!
--Bill, Bette, Mary Lou, Dick, and Ed.
11/26/03: Thank you, classmates, for your enthusiastic responses.
11/23/03: What a special year this is. Getting to talk with so many friends and learn of their doings for the past 49 years. This is a special Thanksgiving and we should give thanks to our classmates and our personal grief for those who are no longer with us. Since July I have had the opportunity to spend time with Dottie Heywood, Dave Woodbury and Bill Fitzgerald and the memories we shared of all our classmates. They were definitely the good years. Have a Happy and safe Thanksgiving. Lets get a few hundred classmates to share this site with us. It's really fun. BEAT READING!! --Dick
10/22/03: Looking forward to 50 year reunion. I don't feel that old!!! I've gone cross country 3 times in my R.V.--including all of Canada--and a special trip to all the Great Lakes. Active at our Senior Center, at Blessed Sacrament Church, and I'm a tour director. Have a happy, blessed holiday.
Loretta McCarthy
11/9/03: Russ, regarding the photo you sent (see memory pics), I must have been there. I can't believe you guys would have had a skating party and not invited me. The only explanation? I was the photographer, a roll I play, for better or worse, to this day.--Bette
10/26/03: My husband Bill and I are enjoying our fall stay in our Florida home now. Will be back in our condo in Nashua, NH for the holiday season, then return here for the rest of the winter.
Had a great summer back in NH. While home, I decided it was time to grow up and sell my little Mazda sports coup and buy an age appropriate car. Did all the wheeling and dealing myself. First time in 67 years!
Vacationed in the southwest again. Did several canyons etc. Talked Bill into following his dream of taking the mule team down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Happy to say, he is still alive and well after that adventure! Yes, we have traveled a lot and we are still seeing the world. We started our life together in Sweetwater, Texas. We have a little cow girl, who is now 44, another girl born 3 years later in good old Stoneham. Life has been good and very exciting, to say the least..
Because of this reunion, I was able to get in touch with Irene Doucette Rhyner. Have you every tried to tell someone what you have been up to, for the last 49 years? It has been so much fun. We are recalling some of the crazy things that went on at good old Stoneham High.
Here is a suggestion. I am sure many of us can remember some funny things that happened in the class rooms. How about a story time, either at the reunion or one of the other gatherings. That would be a lot of fun, I bet. Eddy Paquette, watch out, I have a couple of stories about you and Murry Mc Charles. Will welcome hearing from anyone.--Janet LeBlanc DeFeo
10/17/03: We live in Hebron, NH, a quaint little village (population 455) on the north shore of Newfound Lake and in the foothills of the White Mountains. We invite any classmates traveling in the area to stop in and visit. --Ralph Larson
10/21/03: Our 50th HS reunion reminds me of Will Rogers on growing older:
First, Eventually you will reach a point when you stop lying about your age and start bragging about it.
Second, The older we get, the fewer things seem worth waiting in line for.
Third, Some people try to turn back their odometers. Not me, I ! want people to know "why" I look this way. I've traveled a long way and some of the roads weren't paved.
Fourth, When you are dissatisfied and would like to go back to youth, think of Algebra. Fifth, You know you are getting old when every thing either dries up or leaks.
Sixth, I don't know how I got over the hill without getting to the top.
Seventh, One of the many things no one tells you about aging is that it is such a nice change from being young.
Eighth, One must wait until evening to see how splendid the day has been.
Ninth, Being young is beautiful, but being old is comfortable.
Tenth, Long ago when men cursed and beat the ground with sticks, it was called witchcraft. Today it's called golf.
And finally, If you don't learn to laugh at trouble, you won't have anything to laugh at when you are old. --Ed Paquette
10/21/03: Does anyone remember a kid with RED hair and a Red convertible? Well the hair is now gray and much of it is missing and you guessed it the convertible is gone also. Was finally able to retire this October and have been able to play a lot of golf since. Have been married 38 years with 4 children, and live in Concord MA. Have had a very active life. Skiing, biking in Europe and golfing in Florida. Still feel like we did in HS but just a little slower. Looking forward to next Oct. 9, 2004. Anyone trying to get in touch, call my cell 617-571-4182. Keep the messages coming.--Bill Fitzgerald
10/18/03: I'm a little late getting onto the email train, but making progress. Thought I'd send you my address and tell you how excited I am about our reunion. Let me know if there's anything I can do. Didn't we have a good time at good old SHS, though?
--Joan (Hanson) Campbell
10/17/03: Tom, I am glad you are back in contact! Remember we are not here for a long time, I am here for a good time!--Ed
10/17/03: Dick, Where did you get that picture??? The uniforms are better than anything we ever had!--Ed
10/13/03: So much fun to read all those names from the past and catch up on a few years. I love Tom's bit of wisdom, "we are only visitors". So let's visit. I love the idea of having some small get togethers,just to get warmed up. I would love to host either here in Maine or in Vero Beach. As I do not always have access to a computor, mine is most often not where I am. I do have a cell and most of the time it is in my pocket. Please call anytime 207-671-7305.--Carole Carbone Vail
10/10/03: Glad to see so many nice comments on here and I am sure the reunion will be a success. Sorry to have lost so many classmates though.--Joan Spooner
10/9/03: If anyone would like to get a head start on the reunion and get in practice meeting people you haven't seen for years and you are in southern Florida, please look up the Steele's. We would like to spend time with any of our classmates vacationing in that area. The rates are good, the food is excellent and I know we can make stimulating conversation. We look forward to hearing from you.--Dick Steele
10/7/03: Excellent format--great job. Good luck with the reunion. It was interesting to hear from "old" comrades after 50 years and sad to see who has fallen. I have been lucky in that several of you have been nice enough to get in touch via email over the past couple of years.

With the exception of a few years in the 1960s, I have lived on the west coast, first in the USAF and later returning in my occupation as a securities trader. Lived and worked in San Francisco for 25 years and it couldn't have been any better! Continued to fly airplanes as an avocation and have only recently been grounded. Retired from primary job at Morgan Stanley in 1997 so that I could spend time with son and grandkids in the State of Washington and visit more often with my daughter in San Diego.

I am currently involved in commercial real estate with my son, Mark, and it keeps me alert and out of trouble. I have been fortunate to have had a blast and would love to do it all again. I hope we don't take ourselves too seriously because, remember, we are only visiting....--Tom Walsh
10/6/03: I can't wait for the reunion; it will be like visiting an assisted living facility where you know everyone.--Dorothy Heywood
10/6/03: I was so excited to hear we were going to have a reuniion, at last. Dave Sheets and I have talked and we both felt it was over due. I am very sad to hear of those who have left us. Now is all we really have to count on. Let's have a fantastic turnout. All I seem to be remembered for is an untied dress sash in first grade. This is according to Bette and Dave. A special hello to Dick, Big Ed, Dave Woodbury, Peter and of course Carol, Joan, the names keep coming back. We are movimg into a new house soon--I hope so I do not have my computer on line at this time. Yes Miss Roberts--4th grade, I still do not know how to spell. Until next time, --Carole Carbone Vail
10/5/03:I was just notified through my sister that I was amongst the missing! Here I am, and I'm glad that I was found. I appreciate that a committee has been hard at work for our 50th reunion. Wow, it seems like just yesterday that we were walking the halls of our high school, or on our way home from a football game! I've been at the same address for 36 years, but probably my married name was not known to anyone on the committee. I am widowed now, I lost my husband six years ago. Thank goodness, family and work keep me very busy.--Beatrice Viera
10/2/03: Carl and I are enjoying our retired life in beautiful Mr. Washington Valley, skiing, playing golf and doing some traveling.--Judy Griffin
9/16/03: Ever since Ed Thompson called one Sunday in May and asked if I would help with the reunion, I must admit I hadn't thought much about the fact that nearly fifty years had passed since our high school graduation. Once I agreed to assist, however, and letters went out to each class member, my excitement grew. I can't tell you how much I look forward to rushing in from work to check the mail. I am delighted with every response. I've had emails and phone calls from so many of you. I must admit that planning this reunion has caused me to embrace many emotions and to relive some wonderful experiences. Now I look forward to the opportunity to see each of you and share memories of times past, renew relationships, and form new ones.

Over the past forty-nine years I have been a student, a free spirit, a wife, a mother, an elementary school teacher, a grandmother, and a children's librarian. Many of these years have been spent in Stoneham, a town that is vastly different than the Stoneham of fifty years ago. I hope you will return here in October, 2004.

As a librarian, much passes over your desk that intrigues you. The other day an issue of Psychology Today appeared and one of its articles was "Reliving the Golden Days." Two psychologists had conducted a survey of 482 reunions and surveyed the attendees. An interesting observation and conclusion was highlighted: ..."the overwhelming majority of people had a marvelous time, despite initial apprehensions." When asked, more than 90% of the attendees would return again. So why not take the risk? The odds of having a good time are in your favor!--Mary Lou Gigante
9/10/03: I've been living in Stoneham in the same house on Summer Street for the past 41 years. A lot has changed since High School, but Stoneham is still a great place to live. If anyone would like to get in touch with me, my email address is Looking forward to seeing you at the reunion.
--Florence Hurlburt
9/5/03: Wandered the world for 23 years in the USAF. I served as Mission Supervisor for a reconaissance crew (all Russian speaking) for 23 years, during which time I got my Bachelors degree, then finished my Masters in Russian from Syracuse University. Following retirement from the USAF, we returned "home" to Clearfield, UT, where my wife, Geneva, is from. Took a BSEE from Weber State University and worked for many years designing computer-based test equipment for military avionics. I worked for Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, Hercules Defense Systems, Raytheon, and eventually, Lockheed Martin in Orlando, FL. When the development contract finished in February, I decided I would try retirement. That lasted about 2 weeks, before I started pacing the floor. Being in the same city as Walt Disney World, we bought annual passes and had some fun. One day Geneva and I saw an ad for help at Disney. We went down the next day and were hired. Where else can you have fun and get paid for it? It keeps you busy, you have fun, AND get 20% off food and purchases, plus free admission for yourself and a total of 36 others throughout the year.--Herb Bohling
9/4/03: I am amazed at how many faces I can put with names as I read through the class list. Thank you Reunion Committee for organizing our reunion. I am looking forward to being there with my spouse-Luigi. --Carol Peacock
9/2/03: I can't believe there is so little traffic on the site (only about 25% of our classmates communicate via email). Being able to contact friends that have slipped away over the past 48 years is certainly making my day. I've had the privilege of chatting with classmates I haven't seen or heard from for so long. Let's get excited, let's get the right activities, and let's party. We know we have the right people. I just uncovered our reunion picture from, I believe, the 30th and it was a small fraction of our class. This reunion should be something special.--Dick Steele
P.S. Carole, where are you? You never write.
8/9/03: Delighted you folks are getting this reunion organized. We will be there!
50 years--hard to believe!--Peggy Simmons
8/9/03: Jane & I are happy that there will be a 50th Reunion!--Donald Simpson
8/1/03: It seems like only yesterday we were all walking the hallowed halls of SHS!!-- David E. Woodbury
7/31/03:A few months ago interest and inquiries began for a 50th Class Reunion. Our last reunion, as you remember, was the 30th, leaving us with data at least 20 years out of date. Harris Publishing did offer us some help with a directory that did confirm addresses for those of you they were able to contact. (Roughly 50 %). However, the task seemed monumental. Fortunately, a Reunion Committee of Bette, Mary Lou, Bill and Dick came forward with such energy and enthusiasm; that has brought us to this point.

We have had a great response! Including info on classmates with addresses not confirmed and high expectations of many of us to see one another.

The knowledge of classmates (14) being deceased has brought sadness to all of us. Also, some misinformation did have (3) other classmates deceased; we are very glad that has proven to be incorrect! (Bob, Jack and Don we are sorry for the mistake, but very glad you are still with us.)

Which brings us to one of the true meanings for our reunion. I trust we are all grateful and feel blessed for our lives over the last 50 years, and will be anxious to share so much with one another. See you all on October 9th 2004 --Ed Thompson
7/30/03: It must have been a SENIOR MOMENT. It wasn't Bill Fitzgerald (Sorry Bill) that I didn't recognize at the 30th reunion, it was Bob Breagy!! (see 7/26 comment) Really looking forward to this 50th.--Irene Doucette
7/29/03: Jack, don't blame Mary Lou. I did it. I got my information from a trusted, but, like me, fallible classmate. Anyway, nobody was happier than I to take you off the In Memoriam list. I just wish I could do that for more classmates, like Dickie Taylor, my first boyfriend, or Nancy Devlin, whose house I went to every day in 1953 to watch the McCarthy hearings, or Donald Simons, my date for graduation night, or Roger Roulliard, the nice kid in my neighborhood from first grade. Now that you're back and a healthy target, I want to take issue with your reunion dress code suggestion. If I remember correctly, in the fifties we (girls) were allowed to wear "slacks" only on bad-weather days--like snow days when only the nerds showed up. I think of the late sixties/early seventies as, for one thing, a liberation, clothing-wise, for us females. Plus, is it only the girls who have to "cover a lot of changes"? Welcome back! --Bette
7/29/03: Mary Lou, I want my pencil back. I just looked into my school box and a pencil is missing. Who the hell had me on the deceased list? I thought you were trying to tell me something. You know my wife has told me I`m brain dead a few times so you might have something there.
You know it would be nice if we could dress as we did in school but in today`s style. I`ll bet a lot of the girls would like it. Slacks, etc., will cover a lot of changes. Just a thought.
--Jack Robinson
7/26/03: Dear Don, I am SO HAPPY it isn't true! You are on the top of my list of people I will be thrilled to see at the reunion. And, on behalf of the reunion committee, I am SO SORRY for the mistake. I am also happy you have not lost your sense of humor. Stay healthy!
7/26/03: Hey guys: I visited the SHS class of 54 web page. I was surprised to see my picture on the "In Memorium" page. I know I have been tired lately, but tell me--do you know something that I don't know? Please tell me it isn't true. Let me know if it is OK if I still come to the reunion, or will I shock too many people by showing up "coming from the grave," so to speak. As Mark Twain said--"the reports of my demise are extremely exaggerated."
--Don (Never say more than is necessary) Nickerson
7/26/03: We'd like to make nametags that have the graduation picture with the name, so everybody would recognize everybody else, ignoring the changes wrought by age.--Reunion committee
7/26/03: I am looking forward to this big 50th come next year. Hopefully, at this reunion I will recognize Bill Fitzgerald. The one reunion I attended, I didn't. Can we wear name tags?--Irene Doucette
7/23/03: At this point, we have only the date--October 9, 2004--and the place--Bear Hill Golf Club. We plan to send reunion updates periodically via website, email, and postcard. Right now we are concentrating on getting correct addresses and finding missing classmates. Suggestions for locating people would be helpful, as well as suggestions for our website and for our reunion night/weekend.
--Reunion committee
7/23/03: I want to thank whoever is getting the class of 1954 reunion together. As I plan to attend, I would appreciate all the information regarding this reunion, and if I can help in any way I would be more than glad to do so. Regards.--Lloyd Thistle
7/18/03: I received the information about the class reunion today and was stunned to hear that Ray McCharles had died. Since last summer I have been searching the net for information as to his whereabouts. If you recall, we were inseparable. We double dated, he with Maryann Meisner and me with Marylou Watkins and Ann Nagle.
--Dave Newcombe
7/14/03: Great to hear from you.--Marilyn Traverse
7/12/03: So glad to hear we are having a 50th reunion! I am sure you guys on the committee are working hard to put this all together. Really appreciate it.--Janet LeBlanc
7/11/03: We're enjoying our "job." We love hearing from classmates, even though some of the news is sad.--Reunion committee
7/10/03: Very pleased that you contacted me! I look forward to the reunion. Thank you for taking the time to bring us together.--Ed Paquette
7/10/03: OK, all you classmates--1954 SHS!! I just had a great conversation with Bette, probably the first since 1954. We have both changed--all for the better!! But it was like yesterday. I cannot wait to talk to all of you. Ed, Bill, Dickie, remember all those math classes! I really spoiled your good times by being in that physics class. We all have new lives, family and friends, but that is no reason not to enjoy those of our early years. We are not all in perfect shape, except me, of course, just a little more of me to love. Please come. I'd love to hear from anyone (207-671-7305). We live in Florida and Maine, two great vacation spots. All are welcome.
P.S. Dickie, I still love you!--Carole Carbone
7/9/03: Richard Taylor's wife, Jo, writes, "It is with sorrow I must advise that my husband, Richard, passed away on May 4, 1999. He was a great guy and wonderful husband. He loved life and brought joy to everyone he met. I feel blessed to have been part of his life. I still miss him."
7/5/03: In The New Yorker magazine this week, a story by John Updike is about a 50th class reunion. The second line reads: "Though the year 2002 inevitably figured in yearbook predictions and jokes, nobody had really believed that this much future would ever become the present. They were seventeen and eighteen; 2002 was impossibly remote."--Bette
7/1/03: Congrats ..... Class of 1954! Our 50th Reunion has begun!--Ed Thompson