"The marsh gives way to Pond, to dunes, to Sea;
Cicadas call it good, and I agree.
At midpoint, center of a Hemisphere
Too blue for words, I've grown to love it here.
Earth wants me, it shall have me, yet not yet;
Some task remains, whose weight I can't forget,
Some package, anciently addressed, of praise,
That keeps me knocking on the doors of days."
  --from Midpoint, John Updike

From Library Student to Librarian

2006 to 2009: Part-Time Librarian at Shore Country Day School

See Shore Country Day School

A Beautiful Space

Lori, Head Librarian

Some Wonderful Memories

Kindergarten Readers

Grade 4 Readers

Lower School Library Classes

Mrs. Tsoutsouras's Hard-Working 4th Graders

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Library Research Paper Contest
Spring 2004

Ellen & Bette Present Library Contest Award, Lawrence Campus

Ann & Gail Present Library Contest Award, Haverhill Campus

Ellen's Leaving Party
July 2005

Linda & Ellen

Reference Librarians

NECC Library Staff

Little Library Patrons

Henry & Laura
Future Librarians

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Future Readers

Library Instruction

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Lawrence Campus Library
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