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Charlotte 2004

Thanksgiving with Nanny Rita

Making a Scarf

Shopping with Nanny Rita

Charlotte 2003

Spring 2003

Summer 2003

Fall 2003

Lindsey Grace

A New Cousin

December 2003

Lighting the Chanukah Candle

Yiayia's Birthday

Christmas Eve

Christmas Carol Sing-a-long

Old Bears Still Welcome

Brown Legacy

And Boston College, Too

Mom's Birthday

Charlotte 2002

Happy New Year 2002

A New Year's Eve Tradition

The Old Against the New

Happy Birthday 2002

August 2002

Happy Birthday, Charlotte

Happy Birthday, Pappou

Fall 2002

With Nanny Rita

and Daddy, Alexander, and Uncle Judah

A Snowy Thanksgiving 2002

Ready for Winter

By Yiayia & Pappou's Warm Fire


Easter 2002

Charlotte 2001

Happy New Year 2001

Christmas Bear 2001

Charlotte 2000

Charlotte's Birthday 2000

On Pappou's Boat

Happy Thanksgiving 2000

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