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The Family: August 2009
Photo 2009
Front row: Laura, Lindsey, Lily, Charles, & Piper
Second row: Alexander, Molly, Charlotte, & James
Third row: Jim, Lori, Mia, Charlie, Bette, Russell, Deahn, & John

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Fiddler on the Roof, September 2, 2012

The Goveh Family
Lily (mother) and Piper (child)

Dinner with Friends
September 1, 2012

Hui captures our Turkish lantern and, way in the background, the beautiful full moon.
John, Bette, Charlie, Hui

Annual Poker Group Dinner
Oldtown Country Club, Newbury, Massachusetts
August 1, 2012

Bill Wasserman, Mike Updike, Oliver Coolidge, Don Bowen, Charlie Tsoutsouras

Greek Festival
July 14-15, 2012

U.S. Congressman John Tierney
Ipswich Greek Festival
July 15, 2012

African Night
July 7, 2012


Charlotte's Graduation
Buckingham Browne & Nichols!
June 8, 2012

Buckingham Browne & Nichols

Kenyon College



Waiting for Charlotte!

Yiaya's Best Attempt to Capture the Moment!
Diploma Diploma
Our Wonderful Graduate!
Charlotte, Alexander, Dad
Proud Brother! Proud Dad!
Russ, Charlie, Judah
Dad, Pappou, & Uncle Judah
Alexander & Yiayia
Alexander & Yiayia
Charlotte and Anna
Best Friends!
Charlotte and Anna
Graduation Cake!

Lindsey's First Communion!
May 5, 2012

Getting Ready
Lindsey's First Communion
Lindsey's First Communion Lindsey's First Communion
Lindsey's First Communion Lindsey's First Communion
Lindsey's First Communion
Lindsey's First Communion Lindsey's First Communion
Lindsey's First Communion

Bette and Charlie in Israel and Egypt!
May 5, 2012

African Egypt

Sinai Egypt. Mount Sinai.

Laura and Yiayia in Africa With Molly!
November, 2011

Laura and Yiayia in Tanzania with Molly
On Safari
On Safari
New Friends
Baboon Elephant

Molly, James, and Dad Reach the Summit of Mount Kilimanjaro!
August 21, 2011

With the help of two wonderful guides,
a wonderful chef, and 13 wonderful porters!

Boston College Molly!

Molly, Dad, and James

A beautiful Ipswich summmer!

Alexander's Graduation from Boston University Academy

Boston University Academy


Brown University

Proud Dad!

Proud Family!

A lot to think about

Proud Sister

Proud Grandmother

The Grads: James & Alexander!

Proud Grandparents!

James's Graduation from St. John's Prep

St. John's Prep


Providence College

Proud Dad!

Proud Sisters!

Proud Mum!

Proud Laura!

Pappou's Gift!

Proud Yiayia!

Molly loves it!

Winter 2010

Buckingham, Brown & Nichols vs. Thayer Academy

Go, Charlotte! Go, BB & N!

On the Ice



With Mom, Dad, & Alexander

EMC Club

Molly's Graduation

First Mom There!

Awesome Masconomet Regional High School Class of 2009

Proud Mom!

Proud Family!

Awesome Friends!

Proud Siblings!

Winter 2008

Charlie in the Snow

He really enjoys this!

Alexander & Charlotte


Molly & James

Charles & Lily

Lindsey in Preschool Play

Lindsey at Gymnastics

Piper's Dancing Recital

Charles & James

Charles, Piper & Lily

Molly & Dad

Charlotte & Dad

Charlotte, Hockey Star!

Summer 2008

Make a wish, Pappou & Charlotte!


Mia & John





Laura & Chip

Topsfield Fair

Lori & Mia with Lindsey, Lily, Piper, & Charles

Lily & Lindsey

Lily & Lindsey


Lily & Lindsey


Eamon, Decklan, & friend

James's Confirmation


Laura, James & Molly

Trip to Mexico
March 2007
Pappou, Yiayia, Lori, Alexander, Laura & Lindsey


Alexander & Lindsey

Pappou, Laura & Bette


Laura, Lindsey & Lori

Lori, Laura & Alexander

Laura, Lori & Lindsey

Alexander in fancy restaurant

Yiayia at Rest

It was a good dinner!

Lori & Laura

Alexander & Pappou

Lindsey & Pappou

Lori negotiating

A leisurely ride

June 2007
Our Own Florida Place!
Pebble Beach Villas
Indian River Shores, FL 32963

Klein aber mein!

St. Patrick's Day (Linda, Jean, Lou, Bette)
Bette's First Patio Garden

April 2006
Pebble Beach Villas

Yiayia and Lily
Yiayia & Lily

Yiayia & Lindsey
Daddy & Lindsey
Daddy & Lindsey

Sarah (Molly's friend), Molly & Laura

Happy Easter

May 2006
Laura's First Communion

Laura's First Communion
Laura, Molly, & Mummy
Laura, Mummy, & Molly
Laura & Yiayia
Yiayia & Laura

Summer 2005 on the Boat

Family on the Boat Helpers on the Boat

April 2005 School Vacation in Florida with Molly

Welcome, Piper

Piper Lee
January 22, 2005

Halloween 2004 at Pappou's Store


Charles & Lily

September 2004 Birthdays Party

Charoltte, Laura & James

Molly, Charlotte, Laura, James & Alexander

Our Hero, Russell (middle, in red)!
Boston Marathon, April 19th 2004. Number: 8821. Time: 4 hours, 22 minutes, 37 seconds.

Welcome, Lindsey

Lindsey Grace
October 10, 2003

Welcome, Lily

Lily Belle
May 7, 2002

Six Grandchildren so far!
Molly, Alexander, James, Charlotte, Laura, & Charles







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