Greece 2014

The Villages
The Villages
Athens & The Peloponnese

Around Athens & The Peloponnese


Wednesday, August 6th

Back to the Adonis Hotel for Alexander's last day in Greece.

Dinner at Maci
A fancy restaurant for Alexander's last night in Greece


Thursday, August 7th
Charlie and Alexander take an early train to the airport.
The Bymans arrive from Mikonos.

The Bymans!


Friday, August 8th

Breakfast on the Hotel Adonis roof before walking up to the Acropolis.

Sitting on top of the world!

Shopping in the Plaka
Then to the wonderful new Acropolis Museum.

Ready for Dinner in Athens

Cape Sounio and the Temple of Poseidon

Saturday, August 9th
We took a two-hour bus ride to Cape Sounio.


Molly, Lori, Laura, Lindsey, James, Jim

Everybody except Lindsey, who is in the snack bar eating ice cream with Pappou


Molly & Laura


On the beautiful Agean Sea

Molly's last night in Greece
Dinner at a taverna in Monastiraki, the old part of Athens, with a bazaar, a museum, the Fethiye and Tsistaraki mosques,
a 10th century church(monastiraki), a Roman agora, a flea market, and lots of tavernas.



Sunday, August 10th
Charlie accompanied Molly by taxi to the airport for her 6:00 am flight " home " to San Antonio, Texas.

Jim & Charlie picked up our rentals, and we headed for Corinth


The Corinth Canal
No bridge over water. No tunnel underwater.
Instead, a road that rises to let pedestrians and vehicles cross over the water
and then submerges to let boats pass over the road!

From Corinth to Delphi

Sunday, August 10th


Monday, August 11th
Lori, Jim, Laura and Lindsey spent the morning exploring ancient Delphi.
Charlie and I drove south hoping to find rooms at a beach resort. We all were ready for the beach at this point.
Every place we checked was full, so we waited at the nicest one, Hotel Delphi Beach, until our family arrived, then headed for Kalo Nero (Good Water), a beach resort on the Ionian Sea that Charlie remembered from an early trip to Greece.


Bridge over the Gulf of Corinth

Kalo Nero

Monday, August 11th to Wednesday, August 13th

Sun setting on Kalo Nero and on our trip with our family.
Lori, Jim, James, Laura, and Lindsey leave for Athens and Molly's flight home to Boston.

Charlie & I continue down the Ionion coast.

From Pylos to Kalamata

Wednesday, August 13th


We remembered Pylos from my first trip to Greece in 1983.


Wednesday, August 13 to August 16

Views from our balcony in the Ostria Hotel
Dusk on Kalamata Port
Our friends from Tourkolaika came down to Kalamata for dinner on the beach.
Bette loves Kalamata!


Saturday, August 16

Views from our hotel balcony
The church next door to our hotel
Just as we were about to have dinner, the lights went out.
Charlie was not happy.
An hour and a half later, the lights came on, and all was well.
Bette's favorite breakfast restaurant in the world!

Our hotel, which, without a reservation, we were very lucky to have.

A very nice waiter where we were about to have dinner went by foot to find a room for us, and came running back with the good news.

From Nafplio to Corinth to Epidavros to Athens

Sunday, August 16th
Corinth Canal

No! We didn't even consider it.

Sunday, August 16th
Epidavros. View from the top.

From the Top, where Bette was.

From the Bottom, where Charlie was.

Monday, August 18th
Back in Athens

Hadrian's Arch
Restaurant & Parliament buildings on the Hill of the Nymphs.
Vasiliki & Panayiotis are back to work in Athens, and we stayed, once again, in their home on Lissandrou Street. While they worked during the day, we walked around Athens, doing a little shopping, a little sightseeing, and a little stopping for a Freddo Cappuccino (my choice)
and a Greek coffee (Charlie's).

Each evening, Paniyoti had something special planned for us. Monday, it was dinner at a a favorite restaurant of Panayiotis with our friend from the Olympics, Stavros, and his bride, Yioti, who speaks three languages, Greek, German, and English. It was a wonderful evening.

Tuesday, our last night, it was dinner at another of Panayoti's favorites and later dessert on the beautiful Hill of the Nymphs,
which now houses the Parliament offices.

A perfect way to end this trip to Greece, in a beautiful place with our beautiful cousins and friends, Vasiliki & Paniyoti.

Temple of Olympian Zeus