Charlie and I, with our friends Cynthia and Bill, spent four weeks in the Middle East. We arrived in Jerusalem on Friday, March 9, 2012 and spent the weekend there. On Monday morning, we left for Amman, Jordan, spent one day and night in Jordan's capital, and the next morning we flew from Amman to Cairo, Egypt.

We stayed in Cairo two days, then flew to Aswan, where our guide met us and brought us to our felucca. After visiting ancient sites and sailing for four days around Aswan and as far up the Nile as Kom Ombo, we went to Luxor, for four more days in African Egypt.

From Luxor we flew to Sharm el-Scheikh on the Sinai, then went by taxi to a Dahab resort on the Red Sea. There we found an excellent taxi driver/guide to take us to St. Katherine's Monastery and Mount Sinai. Leaving the Sinai at the Port of Neweiba, we took a ferry to Aqaba, Jordan, then to Petra for one night and one day to visit the ancient site.

From Petra, we went back to Israel. We rented a car in Eilat and drove north and back to Jerusalem for our last weekend. Our careful planning, our unwavering energy, and our exceptional guides helped make this trip to the Middle East a trip-of-a-lifetime.
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